Sunday, November 1, 2009

More than a ‘Model T’ Poppy Appeal

I did my second stint at the Sainsbury’s in Coldham’s Lane supporting the British Legion’s poppy appeal. There was not the frantic rush for poppies from last Saturday, when the appeal had just started, but we had a steady stream of people wanting to show their support for our armed forces throughout my stay.

When I first volunteered, I expected to have the standard 'poppy with the pin' to give out; a variation on Ford’s 'Model T' car where, when the mass production of cars began, you could have any colour you like - but it had to be black.

However, there was so much more than the 'poppy with a pin' on offer. We had the stick-on poppy, the larger poppy which looks striking on ladies, two different kinds of stickers, a metal Legion badge, a car tax holder, a remembrance cross, a big poppy for the front of the car, a key chain, a magnificent range of wreaths, a book mark and even a little furry thing.

The furry thing went down well with the children, as did the stick-on poppies. These items ensured that little ones did not become pincushions (however, as my one-year-old has decided that cardboard is really a food group, the life span of some of these poppies may be less than intended unless parents' keep a watchful eye).

Of course, even with the choices on offer I still go for the 'Model T' option, poppy-with-pin, every time...

See for the appeal, for the national site and for Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire.

The Cambridge branch has a dedicated team of collectors, but will always need more.


  1. Well said! (I hope you werer risk assessed for giving pins out...)

  2. 2009 Appeal Result:

    The Branch raised £9,768.36.
    My personal total was £342.11