Friday, November 20, 2009

A Democratic Finger on the TIF Trigger?

The County Council is now planning for the TIF bid, part 2, where the whole question of the introduction of the congestion charge is up for grabs. The Council intends to submit a full TIF Business Case to the government in December 2010.

The first point of discussion posed by the consultation is, “Options for trigger(s) for introduction of a congestion charge”.

If the trigger is to be pulled as soon as the authority's numbers say so, without any need to regain the approval of councillors, we have reached the ultimate in auto-pilot government. Unless one of the ‘triggers’ is a vote by the council, there is no local democratic control behind the actual introduction - or not - of the congestion charge.

Once again the officers may have seized the agenda from the members. Unless the members act with determination, it will be the officers who will decide if, when and how a congestion charge comes into force.

Lobby your county councillor now!


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