Monday, November 23, 2009

Co-existence in Coleridge

There are two questions of co-existence in Coleridge ward.

The first is between cars and trees on the verges. They are mutually exclusive. We can have one but not the other. The city council ignores the parking problem that causes unsightly quagmires because the answer – to turn some spots into parking places and plant trees in the others – is too expensive and (gasp, shock) encourages people to own cars (ok, they own them already…).

The second is between students and residents. Large concentrations of students can alter an area fundamentally. A, “Well done,” to local campaigners Andrew Bower and Cllr Chris Howell for doing their bit to bring residents and ARU together to deal with the problem. However, the whole Tiverton House saga is an example of how lax planning can lead to unintended neighbourhood change and new clashes that have to be managed with tact and firmness on both sides.

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  1. Thanks for blogging on this, Richard.

    You are spot on with your view on the verges.

    Congratulations to Tiverton Way residents in their ongoing campaign to establish constructive dialogue between relevant parties regarding The Forum. They are keen to establish good community relations, which I am sure could be achieved if all parties face up to their responsibilities.

    The real tragedy is that the Lib Dems on the city council ignored specific Conservative advice and sold Tiverton House without any conditions.