Monday, November 16, 2009

Cambridge East Meets Guildford

The government’s building programme includes the Cambridge East plan for 12,000 homes on the Marshall’s site. The ultimatum made to local councils is to either agree to the proposal, with some hope of influencing the final outcome, or to stick to principles and see the whole thing done by a special quango instead.

What a choice: Vichy puppet or full occupation?

Local Labour councillors say that because the Conservative county council has chosen the former course then the Tories favour the development. No. They just hope to make a bad situation a little less worse, and I hope that the allies will liberate us soon.

Cambridge is not alone. There’s an excellent blog, - which highlights the same thing happening in Guildford. The author goes on to ask

"It's NIMBY to object? Well, yes, it is... and your point? It's called my back yard because it is my back yard. It doesn't belong to some commissar to do with as he wishes. New housing development and planning generally should be under the control of locally elected councillors not quangocrats. Just like it always used to be."

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