Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tories Back City’s Traders in Parking Battle

Conservative City Councillor Chris Howell and Richard Normington, Conservative Parliamentary spokesman, hit out at the City’s ruling Lib Dem group for ignoring the concerns of the city-centre traders over parking fee rises.

Councillor Chris Howell said, “I have frequently made the point in Council that the recession might lead to lower parking revenues and you can't keep putting them up and expect to pull in more cash.”

Richard commented, “These councillors lost hundreds of thousands of taxpayers’ pounds on the folk festival and are trying to claw it back from the parking funds without a thought for the city centre traders. The council needs imagination, not a blunt instrument of blanket rises. For example, lower off-peak charges may actually yield more funds as more people come into the centre to shop.”

Councillor’s Concerns ‘gagged’

Chris added, “I argued that high charges were hitting independent traders. However, when we discussed city centre shopping viability at a Council debate in April the Leader of the Council tried to stop me speaking, on the grounds that high car parking charges weren't relevant to the motion. They need to recognise the damage their car parking policies are doing to the vitality of Cambridge.”

13th October 2009

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