Sunday, October 4, 2009

Taking Cambridge to Manchester

Richard Normington, Cambridge's Conservative Parliamentary spokesman, is in Manchester for the Conservative Party Conference.

He said, "I will be discussing some of the major issues facing our city, including education, transport and the economy. I will also see representatives from the voluntary sector including the Sure Start Childrens' Centres, the Royal British Legion and the campaign 'Fairness for the Elderly: Dignity in Retirement, Pensions and Long Term Savings'. On a lighter note, my wife and I will be at the Save the Great British Pub Quiz."

Richard added, "The difference between having a Lib Dem MP and a Conservative one, is that only a Conservative will be able to take Cambridge's case to the heart of government. If you are a Cambridge resident and want me to deliver a message during my stay in Manchester, please drop me line."

4th October 2009

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