Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Rump Parliament Meets Today

Just over 350 years ago a certain Colonel Pride purged the House of Commons to make it more compliant with the Cromwellian Army’s demands. The Commons had already lost its Royalist MPs and moderate members. The remaining members made up what history calls the ‘Rump’ Parliament.

In an effort to create unity, Cromwell and his acolytes further divided the nation as he mistook any difference of opinion for sedition.

Today, as the number of MPs saying they are leaving the Commons at the next election gathers apace, and another large number are braced to leave the Commons involuntarily, the Parliament has a ‘Rump’ quality to it. So it would be better for the country for Gordon Brown call an election now and not leave legislation to his very own, discredited, ‘Rump’.

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