Wednesday, October 14, 2009

“Quick Election Count” Call from the City Conservatives

The City Council does not know whether to count the votes for the General Election immediately after polling closes, as it has done before, or if it should wait until the next morning.

Conservative City Councillor Chris Howell, and Parliamentary candidate Richard Normington, are pressing the case for “a quick election count” on the night.

Chris hopes to present this motion at the City Council on 22nd October:

"This Council believes that the interests of democracy and the country are best served if the result of a general election is confirmed as soon as possible after the close of polls. It therefore strongly supports general election counts being conducted on election night immediately following the close of polls, and requests that the returning officer takes note of this opinion."

Richard said, “I hope all parties will support this motion. The public expect a speedy service, and they are right to do so. Election counting is no exception.”

14th October 2009

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