Friday, October 9, 2009

Party Conference Round-up

This week David Cameron set out bold plans to deal with the big problems the country faces.

The scale of the challenge is immense. For example, Gordon Brown is presiding over a crisis where the country will spend more money on the interest payments on our national debt than on schools. Today, for a single mother with two children, earning £150 a week, the withdrawal of benefits and the additional taxes mean that for every extra pound earned, she can keep just 4 pence. Four pennies in the pound is the Labour reward for self-improvement. Britain deserves better.

Conservatives will empower people to take charge of and improve their own lives with a transparent and accountable government.

We will trust the professionals. Schools, hospitals, universities and police will not be subject to the current arbitrary, responsibility-sapping, box-ticking nonsense from central government.
We will put liberty first, ending Labour’s ‘Big Brother’ government with its expensive databases, 42 days detention, and surveillance state.

Some choices ahead are difficult. For example, the plan to raise the pension age is not a popular one. But it will make it possible to increase the basic state pension in line with earnings, and not just for one year, but for every year. It is also accompanied by a plan to enable the elderly to be spared the forced sale of their homes to pay for care.

Cambridge voters will decide whether they want their voice to be heard and someone to take to the field for them, or if they want the city to be on the sidelines with a Lib Dem MP, marginalised at Westminster and ignored by the party's leadership over tuition fees.
The choice in 2010 is between David Cameron and Gordon Brown as prime minister.

Only a Conservative vote will secure a Cameron government, restore Cambridge’s voice on the national stage, and give Britain the change it deserves.

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