Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Get on with the Student Finance Review

The Conservatives have been calling for ministers to get on with the review into student finance.  

The review should be on a cross-party basis, so we can end the uncertainty for universities and students. The model for this type of review is the Dearing Report.  It made 93 recommendations concerning the funding, expansion, and maintenance of academic standards in 1997.

The idea that those who benefit from higher education should meet some of the cost of their degrees is a point which has been won in principle. However, we must ensure that those who could gain from university are not put off by the prospect of debt, and that they have a good chance of staying the full course to earn their degrees.  There will be a lot of investigating, debating, and decision-making to be done.  So the earlier start we make on it, the better.

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