Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Exchange of Letters

Dear Pauline,

For nearly two years now I have been the Conservative Parliamentary Spokesman for Cambridge, working with James Strachan and now Sarah El Neil as the chairmen of the Association.

During that time we saw the election of a Conservative back onto the City Council, our party overtake Labour at the European Elections to challenge the Lib Dems for top billing, and campaigns to improve life in our City including against congestion charging and to keep post offices open.

However, having done this, and with the prospect of an autumn election passing, I am now stepping down. The Association has a new leadership and I believe needs a new person to take the fight into the final months of the campaign. I hope my successor can be chosen swiftly.

I look forward to working with whoever is chosen to ensure Cambridge plays its part in the election of a Cameron-led government. You know that at the next election the question will be whether Gordon Brown or David Cameron will be Prime Minister. Only a vote for a Conservative candidate will put David into Downing Street.

Yours sincerely,
Richard Normington

Dear Richard,
I accept your resignation on behalf of the Cambridge City Conservative Association.

Thank you for your generous offer of support for a new candidate, and for the work you have done during your time as PPC.

Best wishes for your future
Baroness Perry of SouthwarkHouse of Lords

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