Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Strikes to Hit Cambridge Rail Travellers Again

ASLEF union members voted today to go back on strike, bringing potential misery to Liverpool Street commuters again. The first date for the resumed strikes is set for Monday 21st September. The action will continue for the entire week.

Richard Normington, a daily commuter on the line and Conservative Parliamentary spokesman for Cambridge, commented:

“Commuters are being punished by a dinosaur union with a class war agenda. How can we promote greener methods of travel, like rail, when the people responsible seem determined to put us back on the motorways? ”

See: http://www.aslef.org.uk/information/115079/strikes_to_resume_in_nxea/ and the earlier http://www.aslef.org.uk/information/100012/100039/114786/nxea_strikes_suspended/ which assured people that a deal had been found.

8th September

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