Monday, September 21, 2009

Quango’s ‘Guilt Clause’ for Cars Could Hit Cambridge

“The proposal to find the car driver at fault automatically when there is an accident with a cyclist could only create injustice and anger, especially in a place like Cambridge,” commented Richard Normington, the City Conservative Parliamentary Spokesman. "And cyclists, in their turn, would be at fault if they were in collision with a pedestrian. This is just as wrong."

He added, “Justice should be based on individual responsibility and not spurious group rights."

"A lot of work is being done to promote cycling, especially by the County Council, but this takes us down the wrong route. A cycling city like Cambridge needs support, not policies that instigate collective guilt and promote conflict.”

The Times
reports, “Government advisers are pushing for changes in the civil law that will make the most powerful vehicle involved in a collision automatically liable for insurance and compensation purposes.” Cycling England, an agency funded by the Department for Transport (DfT), is behind the proposals. It's Chief Executive said, “I would like to see the legal onus placed on motorists when there are accidents.."


21st September 2009

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