Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lib Dems in Flip Flop Conference

One day they are for scrapping tuition fees in higher education, the next day keeping them, and the day after to try to scrap them... but on a future date to be decided.

One day the Lib Dems are calling for 'savage' cuts in spending, the next they are talking about cutting tax without explaining how it will be paid for.

Their plans for a local income tax would mean soaring tax bills for hard-working families while it's not clear how their house tax can be introduced without huge administration costs for anyone living in a home in council tax band F or higher.

Liberal Democrat supporters who want to see the back of this governmnent must now be in despair. They have a party leadership in greater confusion than Labour's, and which will not commit to supporting a Conservative-led adminstration should there be a hung Parliament. Vote Lib Dem, Get Labour?

The only vote that will remove Labour from government is a Conservative one.

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