Friday, September 25, 2009

Letter Published in the Cambridge News Today

Letters to the Editor

Cambridge News

Dear Sir,

Last week, both the Conservative Party and Cambridge’s Lib Dem MP set out alternatives to Labour’s ‘Big Brother’ state and, by the way, to stop taxpayers’ money being wasted on expensive and ineffective IT databases.

Our point of difference is that the re-election of a Lib Dem to Westminster would prop up a Labour government: his leader, Nick Clegg, will not support a Conservative administration should there be no overall majority at the next General Election.
The message for Liberal Democrat supporters is that the Conservative Party is the only party that can bring the change we need. Of course, nobody is expecting them to become card-carrying members of the Conservative Party, but we are asking for help to form a progressive alliance to get rid of this failed Labour Government.
So, if you want to see the back of Gordon Brown and Labour's ‘Big Brother’ state, and if you care about our schools, our quality of life and our liberties, then join us in one national movement that can bring real change.

If you are a Liberal Democrat and really want to change our nation's government, only a Conservative vote at the General Election can do it.

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