Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Government Put on the Spot - Congestion Charge Decision Deferred.

The County Council plans to bring forward the Transport Innovation Fund [TIF] bid for money for Chesterton Station and put the final decision on congestion charging back to late in 2010, beyond the General Election which must take place by June.

Richard Normington, Cambridge’s City Conservative Spokesman, said, “ A Conservative government will not introduce compulsory congestion charges. Kicking the Congestion Charge decision beyond the General Election date is good news. Also, bringing forward the proposal for the railway station improvements will put Labour Ministers on the spot. If they are serious about congestion and public transport, they should approve the plan.”

He added, “With both the Labour government and the local Liberal Democrats coming down in favour of congestion charging; only a Conservative vote at the next General Election is certain to stop this poll tax on wheels.”

23rd September 2009

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