Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Local Quango Hands Out Over £100,000 of Taxpayers’ Money to Think Tanks and Public Affairs Firm

Cambridge City Conservative spokesman, Richard Normington, commented, “Giving over £100,000 of taxpayers’ hard-earned money to three left-leaning think tanks, and a lobbying company, is cause for concern to say the least.”

Figures provided by the Taxpayers’ Alliance today show that Cambridgeshire-based EEDA, the East of England Development Agency, spent more than £115,000 on:

  • £12,341 to the New Economics Foundation;

  • £18,454 to the New Local Government Network;

  • £25,049 to the Institute for Public Policy Research; and

  • £59,472 to a “reputation management” firm for “Public affairs, stakeholder engagement and public relations consultancy”.

In addition, EEDA lists some 31 posts in its ‘communications directorate.

“The New Economics Foundation is the one that said that people in Egypt, Pakistan and Burma lead longer, happier and more meaningful lives than those us here or in places like New Zealand or Switzerland. That’s nuts.”

Richard noted, “Business support should be based on local need. A future Conservative government will end the current Regional Development Agencies and allow local authorities to form enterprise partnerships to promote economic development.”



NEF rankings for HPI [Happy Planet Index]

Rank Country

1 Costa Rica
12 Egypt
24 Pakistan
39 Burma
52 Switzerland
74 UK
103 New Zealand
143 Zimbabwe

4th August 2009

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