Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cambridgeshire Should Now Rule Out Congestion Charging

The Cambridgeshire Transport Commission has now released its report into transport and congestion in Cambridge.

Cambridge City Conservatives say that the Transport Commissioner's report, which was released today, does not go far enough and should rule out congestion charging completely.

The Transport Commission has taken the third way and wants to accept the government's conditions by kicking congestion charging into the long grass.

The commission has failed to take into account that a general election is due in less than a year. If elected, the Conservatives have nationally pledged to allow TIF bids to be submitted without the congestion charge blackmail.

Much of the report's reasoning assumes massive levels of housing development forced through by government targets, but a Conservative government would scrap housing targets leaving us with the more managable situation of organic housing growth.

Commenting on the news Richard Normington, Conservative Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Cambridge, said:

"We will want to read the report carefully. However, the question of charging is now clearly in the hands of the County Councillors.

"Cambridge needs investment but not at the price demanded by this government. The Conservative Group called for the congestion charge to be decoupled from the bid for money. The Group should now stand by its principles and reject Labour's blackmail."

21st July 2009

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