Monday, June 8, 2009

PR Produces a Crisis for the Liberal Mind

"Liberal" Britain was content in 2004 to see two Greens elected to the European Parliament from the UK . There was a flurry of self-congratulation and predictions for how the voting system, proportional representation, would be better for Britain too as it promotes 'consensus politics'.

Now it is seething about the BNP winning as many seats as the Greens in the 2009 European Parliamentary election.

The BNP is a national socialist party that deserves contempt, as do other parties who rely on hatred for votes: be it a hate based on race, religion, country, or class. But the BNP won its seats for the same reasons as the Greens: a protest against mainstream politicians combined with an electoral system that rewards division. PR is not about consensus. It is about narrow sects promoting their own single-minded agendas. Unlike mainstream parties, they do not have to compromise with the electorate, or win their arguments within a wider party, but can pursue their own narrow path uncluttered by debates or dissent.

The BNP is bad for Britain: a shame on our nation. However, the voting system that put them there is worse.

Richard Normington.

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