Sunday, June 28, 2009

Latest Local Data Loss Shows Systems' Flaws

Some 741 people who had information on their operations stolen by a car wash worker, will want to know why systems allowed the data to get there in the first place. Questions include how could one person be allowed to download the information; how could nobody notice; why did that person need the data outside the hospital; and what other loopholes are there to download personal information.

As patients, we have to trust the authorities that this sort of thing does not happen. But we all know it does. And every time it does, it is a reminder that the amount of data taken, lost or stolen could have been much greater if the government's ID card system goes ahead or even the NHS super data scheme [NHS Care Records Scheme].

"PATIENT data, including names and details of operations for 741 Addenbrooke’s patients, was taken from a vehicle by a car wash worker... A member of Addenbrooke’s staff downloaded the information on to a privately-owned, unencrypted memory stick, which was left in a car taken to a car wash" reports the Cambridge News.

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