Monday, June 15, 2009

Iraq Inquiry: Delayed and Disappointing

Today’s announcement about the inquiry into the Iraq war – delayed for months by a fearful government – was deeply disappointing. Not only are the terms dictated by Downing Street, but it will be conducted in private and the results not ready until after the General Election.

Richard Normington, Cambridge’s Conservative spokesman, said, “This is too little, too late, too tainted. We need at least a preliminary report, one that can be ready so that the British people can have their view on it before we go to the polls.”

BBC Online Reports: "
In 2008 the government defeated Conservative attempts to force a public inquiry, saying it would be a "diversion" for UK troops serving in Iraq. And in February Justice Secretary Jack Straw vetoed the publication of minutes of cabinet meetings discussing the legality of the war in the run-up to the invasion."

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