Monday, June 29, 2009

The Future of Nursing: A Consultation

The Shadow Health team is carrying out a consultation on the future of nursing. If you are nurse in the Cambridge constituency, please have your say. Responses should go to by 30 August, and copied to for Richard Normington, Cambridge's Conservative Parliamentary Spokesman.

Foreword to Future of Nursing: A Consultation

"No public service matters more to people than the NHS, and our vision is to help it become world class. But we know we cannot achieve this without putting our trust and support fully behind its most valuable resource: its staff. Nurses are central to our vision for the NHS, because it is so often their personal care and initiative that determines the actual success of patients‟ treatments. This is why we have pledged to trust nurses and other staff with much more autonomy, and it is why we will put an end to the government targets that so badly undermine the motivation and compassion that drew nurses into their profession in the first place.

Of course nurses need to be accountable for their performance – but to patients, not politicians. Putting greater trust in nurses is especially important given the huge challenges that lie ahead for the NHS. We have an ageing population, changing patterns of disease and rapidly advancing treatments – developments that will need to be met with the individual initiative and creativity of every healthcare professional.

If we are to help nurses deliver the highest standards of care in an evolving NHS, they need better opportunities for professional development and more space to shape care to their individual patients' needs. And we must also understand that nursing is not just a job, it is a vocation that makes a huge contribution to our society.

We need to recognise that and give nurses the protection and respect they deserve. As part of our vision for a world-class NHS, this document sets out our proposals to strengthen nursing, but we want to move forward with the full input of nurses themselves, as well as other NHS staff and patients. So this is your chance to help shape our policy. We want to hear all your views, whether positive or negative. There is so much to celebrate and build on in the NHS but, equally, much to improve. We look forward to hearing from you."

Andrew Lansley CBE MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Health

Anne Milton MP, Shadow Minister for Health

29th June 2009

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