Monday, May 18, 2009

Introducing our County Council Candidates

Conservative candidates for the Cambridgeshire County Council elections and East Chesterton Cambridge City Council by-election are seeking your vote on 4th June.

We need strong Conservative voices elected from the city area to give Cambridge a place at the heart of county decision making.

Cambridge Conservatives are pledged to fighting ineffective and burdensome government targets that pile costs on councils, making it harder for them to offer value for money.

Congestion charging and excessive development such as building high density housing on Marshall's airfield without adequate infrastructure are examples of some of the problems that only the Conservatives can tackle. A Conservative government would sweep away many of the targets and constraints on local decision-making - locally Labour and the Lib Dems are still wedded to taking orders from Whitehall so we need local Conservatives in place for us all to be able to benefit from the localising revolution we can anticipate.

Contact Cambridge Conservatives on 07929 000582 or

Pictured: Matthew Adams (Kings Hedges), Tim Haire (Abbey), David Willetts MP, Andrew Bower (Coleridge), John Ionides (Trumpington)

18th May 2009

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