Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Quango Can Go - Scrap Strategy!

This letter from Andrew Bower, prospective Conservative candidate in Coleridge Division for the forthcoming county council elections, was published in today's Cambridge News, but not in the on-line edition:
Quango can go

The government is trying to impose a mind-bogglingly large number of homes on Cambridge on top of the excessive number already planned, via its undemocratic regional quangos.

While I am glad that the city Labour leader is questioning the latest figure (News, April 15), wouldn't it be better if he lobbied the government to follow the Conservative pledge to abolish top-down housing targets and put the responsibility back into the hands of accountable local councils?

We should try to kick the Regional Spatial Strategy into the long grass until we can have a change of government.

Andrew Bower
Coleridge Conservatives
Argyle Street

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