Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Best Criteria for University Entrance: Individual Merit.

The Cambridge News reports that for Cambridge University, “The standard offer for a successful applicant will go up from three A grades to two As and one A*, after the new top grade, designed to help universities to select the best students, is introduced in 2010….” This change was attacked by the Cambridgeshire branch of the National Union of Teachers.

Conservative Parliamentary spokesman, Richard Normington, said, “Students must be treated on their own individual merits. Educational excellence is the best way to decide who to admit to university.”

Richard added, “Cambridgeshire’s NUT branch is wrong to crticise this move. Random targets, social engineering waffle, or quotas for the favoured of the politically correct will not enhance academic quality or the long-term status of Cambridge as an international seat of learning.”

17th March 2009

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