Tuesday, February 17, 2009

George Orwell yesterday, Frank Field today

This is an unlikely pairing, but both Frank Field and George Orwell, coming from the left side of politics, have managed to put into words key beliefs and aspirations those of us on the centre right hold dear. Both have a core of left-wing ideology that means they would blench and faint before ever actually turning Tory, but they have said things that make sense if Gordon Brown's 'broken Britain' is to be mended:

“We are caught up in believing that it is the State that ensures social progress. History teaches otherwise. Secure social advance has been achieved by freeing up the basic impulses of human beings to do good, and to improve the conditions of their families and friends. For politicians to learn that getting off the back of families and communities might be the best way to drive a social advance may be the hardest lesson that the new politics demands.” Frank Field MP, The Independent, 17th February 2009.

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