Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Congratulations to Camfed

I am delighted that Cambridge University chose Camfed as Charity of the Year. Education is the surest route out of long-term poverty, and if you want to support an overseas charity this year then Camfed is my recommendation. I know from personal experience that it does excellent work with dedicated, professional staff. See www.camfed.org

Richard Normington

University of Cambridge Names Camfed as Charity of the Year.

The University of Cambridge is celebrating its 800-year anniversary this year, and as part of the celebrations it has chosen Camfed as its Charity of the Year. Throughout 2009, the University of Cambridge will use its influence as a preeminent global institution to raise awareness about Camfed's work in Africa and the vital role of girls' education in the fight against global poverty.

"When a group of farsighted individuals established the University of Cambridge in 1209, they were part of a tiny educated elite in the world," said Camfed's Founder and Executive Director Ann Cotton.

"Today, 800 years later, the University of Cambridge is a global leader in higher education. We are delighted to partner with the University for this special anniversary year to expand access to education for girls in Africa."

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