Saturday, February 28, 2009

City Conservatives welcome South Cambridgeshire’s rejection of the congestion charge.

Richard Normington commented, “This is another hammer blow against the congestion charge and the officials who back it. The news about South Cambridgeshire District Council's rejection of the congestion charge is most welcome. The pressure is now on our city’s Liberal Democrat administration to follow South Cambs lead to say no to the charge. We will see if they have more backbone than their South Cambs cousins who could do no more than sit on the fence with abstentions.”

The motion was:

28th February 2009

This Council believes that the proposal of a Congestion Charge or workplace parking charge would be against the best interests of the residents of South Cambrigeshire.

Any form of charging would be unfair to those who travel into Cambridge compared to those who live in the city, and could lead to a loss of employment and the closure of shops and other businesses.

We believe that improvements to public transport should be made - and given time to work - before any form of charging is even considered.

The vote was:

In favour: 24
Against: 2
Abstain: 15

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