Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A14 Upgrade faces Lib Dem Axe

The announcement by Nick Clegg that the Lib Dems would cut the national road budget by £980 million could put the upgrading of the A14 under threat.

Richard Normington, Conservative Parliamentary Spokesman, said: “ Once again the Lib Dems show that they are not interested in improving the major roads around here. The only thing you'll get from a Lib Dem vote is a congestion charge.“

The A14 is the major road linking the ports of the east to the industrial Midlands. Unlike the Liberal Democrats, Conservatives support the immediate upgrading of the road and condemn Labour’s dilatory approach to this national transport artery.

Richard added: “As local residents know, the fastest way to gridlock Cambridge is an accident on the A14. We need a safer, upgraded road.”


“Cut the national road building program - We will cut the road building program for national trunk roads and motorways by 90%: £980 million”

10th February 2009

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