Friday, December 12, 2008

Manchester’s Vote Must Be Heard in Cambridgeshire

Richard Normington, the City’s Conservative spokesman, welcomes Manchester’s overwhelming ‘NO’ vote to the Congestion Charge/Transport Innovation Fund bid.

“I congratulate everyone who worked for this result. In particular, it is a victory for the Conservatives in the Manchester area who stood up to Labour’s blackmail transport policy.”

“Let there be no doubt where the City Conservatives stand. It is wrong to impose a new stealth tax on hard-pressed residents. It is wrong to make that tax a compulsory part of the bid for extra money to improve transport. We need change, but not a compulsory charge.”

“I expect Cambridgeshire County Council to take heed of this result and drop congestion charging from its agenda.”


Manchester's vote compares favourably to local government elections: Compare the turnout figures:

Manchester’s Congestion Charge voter turnout, 2008 – 52.3%

Cambridge City Council voter turnout, 2008 – 34.5%

County Council voter turnout, the last time it was held on a different day from the General Election, 1993, - 35.7%

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