Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Congestion Charge Commissioner’s Credibility Gap

Sir Brian Briscoe, the Transport Commissioner appointed by the County Council, has a serious credibility gap.

As part of Reading Borough Council’s Transport Commission he proposed introducing a congestion charge and signing up to the Labour government’s Transport Innovation Fund (TIF) - which makes charging compulsory for local authorities.

Richard Normington, the Conservative parliamentary spokesman for Cambridge commented:

“Now, more than ever, is not the time to impose greater financial burdens on Cambridge businesses and residents. Cambridge needs the investment in transport, but not at the cost of Labour’s congestion charge.”

“Sir Brian himself has a serious credibility problem. His previous support for Labour's flagship transport policy puts his neutrality on the subject into question. He must work very hard to dispel the suggestion that this is a stitch-up.”

“The Commission proposes that Reading, with its neighbouring Councils, examines the case for road pricing - charging for the use of certain parts of the road system at particularly congested times.”

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