Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Plan to Halt Housing Nightmare

Cambridge Conservatives slammed renewed Labour attempts to force unsustainable levels of housing development on Cambridgeshire, including so-called eco-towns such as Hanley Grange.

Richard Normington, Conservative Parliamentary Spokesman for Cambridge, commented:

"We need more housing but Labour's top-down targets are a recipe for soulless dormitory developments, not real communities."

"Every time house building falls behind Labour's target, they simply increase the target. It's like Canute's advisers hoping that stronger language could stop the sea from coming in. Despite the Government's ambitious target, house building rates, including social have been stuck below the levels of previous Conservative governments since 1997."

"We should listen to what people want and build a more diverse spread of housing, including gardens and adequate parking, which would be more likely to attract support from communities."

The Conservatives have pledged to drop the 'top-down' housing targets and give local councils greater powers to decide what are appropriate developments for their areas. This includes the plan to sweep away unelected regional assemblies which could undermine attempts to put unpopular developments such as Hanley Grange back onto the table.

November 2008

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