Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Weekly Collection Option Ignored in City Recycling Survey

Cambridge’s recycling record has fallen behind other councils in the county. Starting from a similar level, it is now behind Conservative controlled Huntingdonshire.

The city council, to give it credit, is trying to catch up. As part of the work to recover its reputation, the council is carrying out a survey of residents’ views. Visit to fill out a short 10 minute online survey form.

It is not a perfect form, for example question 22 is about the blue box but has a reference to a black box in it. More worryingly, the option of having a weekly collection for the some of the boxes is simply not there. If you want it, you have to write it in yourself.

The Conservatives are committed to increasing collection rates, and increasing the frequency is one of the more obvious options. By ruling it out from the start, the Liberal Democrats are doing themselves and our city no favours.

Richard Normington

22nd October 2008

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