Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Guided Bus Deserves Support

This letter from Chris Howell was published in Monday's Cambridge News, but not in the online edition:

THE Liberal Democrats' behaviour over the Guided Bus is the worst kind of political opportunism. Where were their alternative proposals when the Guided Bus decision was made? Nowhere, because they knew then and now that all independent expert reviews indicated this was the only one to make any financial sense, and therefore the only option that could be funded and delivered.

The Conservative County Council is well on its way to making happen a scheme that will significant improve public transport and cycling - and they will be accountable for the outcome. If the Liberal Democrats had any sense of responsibility to taxpayers, they would do all they could to make the Guided Bus scheme work, instead we get continual carping and made up stories like their latest 'pollution scare'. Listening to this nonsense, you would think having any buses at all in Cambridge was a bad thing. Like their previous 'opposition' to A14 improvements, their stance is one of cynical posturing, which would result in no transport improvements ever in the County. It demonstrates why they would be totally unfit to run transport in Cambridgeshire.

Cllr Chris Howell
Cambridge City Council

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