Thursday, October 2, 2008

Good News - Good Conference

This year’s Conservative conference had good news for Cambridge residents. The pledges that struck me as the best for making the city better were:
  • Restoring the weekly rubbish collections. Recycling and regular collection go hand-in-hand. Bringing back weekly collections also reduces fly-tipping, a serious nuisance to health as well as an eyesore.

  • Cutting the housing targets and the regional bureaucracy that is there to impose them. John Prescott may have left the government but the belief that we should shoehorn people into more developments to meet arbitrary housing targets outlasted him. Returning decision-making to local authorities is a common sense solution.

  • Freezing the council tax. This local tax has been used by Labour as a way to raise relentlessly the tax levels indirectly for millions of people; it is time to call a halt to stealth taxes.

  • Restoring Confidence in the economy. Labour inherited a golden economic legacy. It was squandered. We will all have to help clear up the mess. Until the General Election, the Conservatives will support sensible government measures and criticise short-term fixes. After the General Election, it will be up to us to reverse Labour’s legacy of failure.

Richard Normington

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