Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Today's Letter on Weekly Refuse Collections

This letter from Councillor Chris Howell was published in today's Cambridge News:

I WELCOME the Conservative announcement that weekly bin collections will return if David Cameron wins the next election.

We need to be better at recycling, or to be more precise, we need to reduce the amount of waste we landfill. But the right way to do that is to make recycling easier and more convenient, and to work with manufacturers and companies to reduce the waste material produced in the first place, then trust people to behave responsibly.

Under Labour, there has been a different approach - extreme nannying to force people to recycle, with a whole load of more sinister bullying planned like micro-chipped bins and new bin taxes and fines so Big Brother can really try to control personally what people put into bins.

It is easy for local councils to forget that for many people the most readily identifiable service provided by local authorities is the collection of household refuse. And many people feel that by abolishing weekly collections the service levels they experience from their local council have halved. The latest Conservative announcement is great news.

Coleridge Ward
Cambridge City Council

See original letter and Cllr Howell's blog.

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