Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Today's Letter on Post Office closures

This letter was published in today's Cambridge Evening News, but not in the online edition:

Dear sir,

The letter (3rd September) from a Labour spokesman on Post Office closures was both eloquent and deficient.

He is right to point out the failures of the closure consultation process. The plans to shut St Johns Post Office in Hills Road are deeply flawed for reasons that he, and Chris Howell his Conservative successor as a Coleridge councillor, have set out.

However, from his letter there is no sense of Labour’s responsibility for the closure scheme in the first place. He does not, for obvious reasons, tell us that it is a Labour government that started the closure process. Labour have set the guidelines for deciding those closures with no positive campaign to find better ways of delivering Post Office services, or expanding into new services.

When even Labour candidates distance themselves from their own government, isn’t it time for change?

Yours faithfully,

Richard Normington

Richard Normington

Parliamentary Spokesman

City of Cambridge Conservatives

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