Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Liberal Democrats finally get a mention in 'The Sun'...

"Taxes for Libs"

"WE RARELY waste space on the unworldly Lib Dems.

They spend too much time trying to raise taxes, increase spending and surrender to Brussels.

That’s why they are on a miserable 16 per cent in the polls.

But what’s this? The sandal-wearers have had a brainstorm. They want to SLASH spending, CUT taxes and ditch plans to join the euro?

Why don’t they save time and just join the Tories?"

.... Because the leadership will say anything to gain a vote, is the most likely answer. Just as they chased Labour supporters in earlier elections to maximise an anti-Conservative vote, now the Lib Dems are trying to be 'more anti-Labour than thou' in search of Conservative support.

The choice at the next election is between a Labour or a Conservative government. Ticking the 'don't know' box will not move Labour out of Downing Street, and having a 'don't know'' MP means that the city will never get a voice heard at the heart of government, able to influence debates and stand up for the city's interests on the issues that matter.

Richard Normington

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