Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labour's Stamp Duty Dithering

Today’s announcement on Stamp Duty is almost two months after the city Tories called for action.

Richard Normington, the City’s Conservative spokesman, said, “We called for action on Stamp Duty on 4th July. Labour reacted two months later. Labour’s Stamp Duty dithering stalled the housing market unnecessarily. This is too little, too late.”

"We believe in encouraging homeownership, not putting obstacles in people’s way. And that is why the next Conservative Government will abolish Stamp Duty for 9 out of 10 first-time buyers. Anyone who buys their first home for under £250,000 will pay no Stamp Duty at all. This will take 200,000 people a year out of Stamp Duty altogether."

The economy has not improved in the two month dither:

“Today the OECD, an independent judge of Britain’s economic performance, predicts the second half of the year will see us in recession. So much for Labour’s supposed end to ‘Boom and Bust’. ”

2nd September 2008

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